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All purchases are subject to the following Terms and Conditions:-
1) While our Directories and Lists have contact information, including postal and email addresses, we do not claim that those listed at these addresses have asked to receive commercial messages from our buyers. All current laws and regulations governing Email and Direct Marketing apply.
Buyers understand that the email addresses provided in our Lists and Directories are compiled via Web Research (see the “Research Methods” page for a full explanation) and we are not responsible if certain Email Delivery services such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and others refuse to deliver your email messages via their systems although subject to their own terms of service there are other email delivery services that will deliver to the email addresses we list. Please see the “Send Emailing….” page on this website.
Postal Addresses: We guarantee that 100% of the postal addresses listed as full postal addresses are correct and we will provide a proportionate refund for mail that is returned as undeliverable. For example, in the very unlikely event that 10% of the postal addresses we provide prove to be undeliverable we will make a 10% refund of the purchase price.
Email Addresses: We guarantee that 100% of the email addresses listed in our Directories and Lists are correct and we will provide a proportionate refund for email addresses that are undeliverable Hard Bounces*. For example, in the very unlikely event that 10% of the email addresses we provide prove to be undeliverable Hard Bounces* we will make a 10% refund of the purchase price. However, we cannot make refunds for:-
a) Email messages that are not sent by your email delivery service who may have email sending policies that are beyond our control. Your email must be rejected by the recipient’s server as a Hard Bounce*.
b) Email messages that are sent from an IP address that is blocked or blacklisted.
c) Email messages that are rejected due to “server time out” as this is usually due to servers receiving too many requests when too many emails are sent at one time.
d) Email messages that are received by the recipient’s server but are returned with errors that are outside of our control such user over quota,” “mailbox full”, “blocked due to content” and “server temporarily unavailable” (so called ‘Soft Bounces’)
e) Email messages that violate any National or International Laws (see also point 7)
f) Email messages that are sent 10 weeks after the purchase date.
h) We cannot accept so called “email verification” or “email validation” reports (most of which are highly inaccurate) as evidence of a Hard Bounce unless an email is actually sent and it Hard Bounces.
Details of all such undeliverable hard bounce* email addresses must be returned to us in a file or report that has been generated by an email delivery service so that we can identify, extract and check the failed email addresses. (See links to such services on the ‘Sending Email’ page on this website). We cannot provide refunds to buyers using Email applications that do not generate such reports.
*We define an undeliverable Hard Bounce to mean that the email was sent but the recipient’s server rejected it outright and returned a message such as “Account does not exist,” “domain does not exist,” “mailbox does not exist”.
3) PAYMENT and DELIVERY. We offer payment via Paypal where you can pay securely with most major credit cards or via a Paypal account. See the Shopping Cart for more details.
4) Details of what information is included in each Directory or List can be found via the products Home or Introduction page.  Not all records include a postal address and/or a telephone number. Other information such as contact names, job titles, fax numbers, business size is not included.  Email addresses supplied are unique and include both generic and non generic addresses. It is possible there are duplicate website addresses or business names in our lists as we often supply more than one unique email address at each website address but to reiterate there are no duplicate email addresses in any of our lists.
5) All our Directories and Lists are provided in .csv format. Larger lists will be zipped. Buyers understand they must have an up to date spread sheet or a database program such as Excel 2007 onwards or MS Access in order to properly sort the .csv file(s) provided.
6) All data provided is for the sole use of the buyer and their representatives. It must not be sold, hired or otherwise passed to any independent third party. To protect our interest in this respect all our lists are ‘seeded’ with a limited number of unique email addresses that are under our control.
7) Buyers agree to abide by these Regulations governing the sending of email messages:
a. Do not use fraudulent transmission data such as open relays and false headers.
b. Do not use misleading sender or subject lines.
c. Add your postal address to all emails.
d. If you are not in contact with the recipient already include a short notice that states the email is an advertisement or solicitation.
e. Include a unsubscribe or opted out mechanism in every email and remove such email from your list within 10 days.
8) It is our goal to provide great value for money by selling data at extremely affordable prices but as our data will arrive completely unprotected it is impossible for us to reclaim them once they are in your possession. As such, apart from the guarantees mentioned above we cannot offer refunds or returns on our lists. Please make sure you are buying the list that suits your needs and ask any questions you might have prior to making your purchase.
9) There are links within our web site that may lead you to the websites of third parties. Also when requested we may supply links to relevant third parties via email. While we provide this information in good faith we do not have any control over these third parties and we are not responsible for their actions, performance or their quality of service.
We reserve the right to amend our Terms and Conditions of Business without prior notice.