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Well to begin with, our painstakingly researched and regularly updated information includes details of over 600 Insurance Services all with up to date email address contacts as well as many with street addresses and telephone numbers.
Quite simply, no other email or marketing list comes anywhere close to providing this number of accurate and up to date email address contacts, and at such a low cost.
And if you don’t just want to take our word for it, here’s what Colin Morris at Email Marketing Tips had to say:-




*APC Services Ltd are the publishers of the Australian Directory of Insurances Services


So if you’d like to expand your client base, promote your goods or services and increase your profits, then take at look at what is included in the Directory:–
Total Number of Records:  1,835 – all records include a unique email address.
Number of Businesses:  966* – more than one email addresses at each is often provided
E-mail Address Contacts:  1,835
Records with a Full Postal Address: 80% of records
Records without a full Postal Address:  20% of records ( such records include email contact address details and a State location)
Telephone #: 88% of records

*Unique records


Approximate Percentage of Records in each State:-
ACT – 3%
NSW – 28%
NT – 1%
QLD – 25%
SA – 9%
TAS – 3%
VIC – 21%
WA – 10%


All email addresses were last checked during April 2022. See the Research Methods page for more details.


See 100’s of sample records from the Directory:-


Full email addresses are made available in the Directory but are not shown in this publicly available screenshot video. Not all records include a full postal address and/or a telephone number – please see above for full details.

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