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So if you’d like to expand your client base, promote your goods or services and increase your profits, then take at look at what is included in the Directory:–
Number of Jewellery Businesses: 2,740* – more than one email address at each is often provided
Jewellery Stores E-mail Address Contacts:  3,660*
Records with a Full Postal Address: 80% of records
Telephone #: 84% of records

*Unique records


All Jewellery Retailers email addresses were last checked during March 2024. 


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Jewellers in Australia Constitute a Lucrative Business Community

Like in other countries, jewellery in Australia is a much sought after accessory. Though it is more widely worn by ladies, there are many men who have a fascination for gold. Here it needs to be noted that jewellery does not necessarily mean gold, but also includes silver and platinum. Jewellers and jewellery shops also constitute a major market for several items such as gold, silver, precious stones, furniture, mirrors, electrical fittings, lampshades, and jewellery boxes. Suppliers of these items would do well to collect email and mailing lists of jewellers in Australia.

In this age of global competition it has become necessary to reach out to your target audience. Wooing of potential customers is now an integral part of marketing and producers of goods and services adopt several ways and means of achieving it. Offline methods like outdoor advertising, television commercials, or press releases are still popular but inadequate to give full coverage. With trade rules relaxed and markets opened up, publicity is no longer a local affair but a global phenomenon. To complement your offline processes it is necessary to imbibe online techniques for fuller coverage and greater customer awareness. Your online publicity would be eased by acquiring jewellery and jewellery shops email addresses, directory and database.

Armed with these details it is possible to cater to your clientèle of jewellers and jewellery stores throughout Australia. Australia is a vast country and to address it in entirety is a tough task.  .Television spots or newspaper ads appear to be the more rational ways of publicity. The life of newspaper ads is only about 24 hours, while television spots often get lost. These attempts need to be done regularly for creating an impression in users’ minds. Or else, the entire exercise of creating and circulating an advertisement goes to waste.

For a more positive market response it is better to adopt an online publicity strategy. E-mail and mailing lists of jewellers in Australia would assist you in this process. These lists help in identifying the parties to be contacted and build relations. Online advertising makes use of dedicated websites and e-commerce portals for reaching out to your target audience. The process is swift, certain and economical. An online approach enables you to reach out jewellers in every corner of Australia in an instant and without involving any extra money. Click here for an Email List of Jewelry Stores  which is an e-mail address, directory and database that makes your job of locating a business partner much easier.