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For the delivery of a Download Link to your purchase please provide an email address in the APC Lists Shopping Cart that is connected to an established business website domain (eg:

We cannot send Download Links to the following other types of email addresses including:-

~Free type email addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc )

~Email Addresses provided by telecom services.

~Email Addresses connected to a new (less than 3 months old) , ‘under construction’ or ‘coming soon’ website.

The work around to these above requirements is to use a VERIFIED Paypal Account. This involves Paypal taking a small payment from your credit card or bank account and then placing a code on your credit card or bank  statement. You then put that code into your Paypal account and that proves to Paypal that you own and control that credit card or bank account.  Hence they then make your Paypal account “verified”.  You can then purchase our Lists using any email address on your Verified Paypal account.

If you are are unable to comply with the above requirements then we can only accept your payments if made by bank transfer.


So why the fuss?